6 07, 2020

Member Spotlight – Brooke Goodrich!

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Its #MemberMonday again! This week we feature a new skier whom is really “Making Waves” on the water in Brooke! Come down to Point Breeze and watch all of our new young skiers develop! #PassTheHandle #WeAreWaterski

Name: Brooke Goodrich
12 years old

Hometown: Oxford, MA

How long have you been skiing?
I tried skiing in 2019 and joined the Collective in 2020.

What is something that people might not know about you?
A lot of people may not know that I compete in beauty pageants.

What type of skiing can you do:
Right now, I am just trying to get up and […]

30 06, 2020

First Learn to Ski Day Was HUGE Success!

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Our first Learn to Ski day was this past weekend at Point Breeze in Webster as part of USA Water Ski’s #GetOnTheWaterWeek event.

We had a final roster of 31 skiers and we all had a blast. Many have decided to join our group for the rest of the season!

Almost all skiers started off on the boom, but by the end of the day – many were up long-line behind the boat! A few were even cutting the wake! Everyone got at least two rounds before the rain came.

Thanks to […]

30 06, 2020

Meeting Minutes from June 29th General Meeting – Webster Water Ski Collective

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Attendees:  Bill, Susan, Gloria,  Nick, Kevin, Hannah, Antonio,  Ryan (May be missing one or two others).

Known Absences:   Janet,  Linda, Carrie, Heather.  

Meeting opened at 7:05 by Ryan

Item 1)   Treasurer’s Report and Member Status.

Please see the email for this information, or contact Ryan.  We don’t like sharing finances online. 

2)  What we do well/what needs improving/general skiing notes

Overall feedback has been very positive on our first month.    We additionally have received numerous emails about how well the Learn To Ski day this weekend ran, and we picked up 6 new members already from the event and another 3-4 that are interested in […]

24 06, 2020

Webster Water Ski Collective expands into Glen Echo Lake, Charlton!

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Exciting News: The “Collective” is Expanding!
Glen Echo Ski Club reforming under Webster Water Ski Collective umbrella!

The Webster Water Ski Collective is adding the Glen Echo Skiers under our “Collective”. The Glen Echo Skiers have a rich history in Charlton with events and tournaments dating back to the 1960s.

Webster Water Ski Collective is helping to reform the Glen Echo Skiers with a Kick off “Learn to Ski” event on July 11th, which will be sponsored by Paragon Power Washing.

Glen Echo lake is a much smaller lake than Webster (about 1/12th the size) and […]

15 06, 2020

Member Spotlight – Linda Candela

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LindaIts the return of #MemberMondays! where we highlight one of our skiers for the week!

Today its co-founder and current treasurer/instructor/driver/safety person for the Collective Linda Candela!

Name: Linda Candela

Age: 61

Hometown: Webster

How long have you been skiing: I hate to admit it has been almost 50 years!!

What is something that people might not know about you? I am a nerdy accountant by trade

What type of skiing can you do?

I have done trick skiing, ballet skiing, knee boarding and wake surfing. In my younger days I was a […]

11 06, 2020

Great First Week of Skiing!

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We opened on June 2nd and had a GREAT week of Split-Squad skiing (due to COVID).    We had 7 new skiers join our collective whom have never skied before, and they all did great.     In less than a week –  ALL of them were behind the boat long line.

We are excited for our skiers and what is to come for the Collective!   This was a GREAT week and so thankful for Point Breeze for hosting us!  

21 05, 2020

June 2 – Season Opening Information/COVID 19 Plan

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The board has been trying to navigate the waters of COVID this season and we believe we are finally getting the ducks to corporate and get in rows. . . . (damn ducks)

June 2 will be our start to our official season!   

We will ski Tuesday/Thursdays from 6pm->dusk and Sundays from 7am-10am.      We may also bring on Saturday morning skiing as well, but we need to iron out some more details.    The Webster Board of Health has been notified of our plan and has signed off on it.     We are also notifying the Webster PD to give them a heads up […]

21 05, 2020

May 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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1)  Summary of Board meeting minutes from May 11,2020 in Attendance: Linda, Peg, Carrie, Nick, Kevin, Blake, Susan, Heather and Ryan Started at 7:05pm
2)  Treasurer’s Report
      – 501c3 status update was Approved! Officially 501c3!!!
3)  Skiing in the COVID world.
    – News from USA Water Ski.We are waiting for state report
    – Setting our own policy on safe social distancing while skiing, we decided on 10/10 split pick a boat and stick to it.
    – Memberships caps? At 40
    – social distancing- wear masks on shore and driver […]
5 05, 2020

Agenda for May 11, 2020 General Meeting (Zoom)

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Our General Meeting for Monday May 11th has been moved to the Zoom virtual meeting platform.     A meeting Id and password was sent to the mailing list, if you did not receive it and would like to join, pleas email us at WebsterWaterSki@Gmail.com


1)  Summary of Board meeting minutes from March 10th

2)  Treasurer’s Report
       – 501c3 status update

3)  Skiing in the COVID world.
     – News from USA Water Ski
     – Setting our own policy on safe social distancing while skiing
     – Memberships caps?
     – Training and certifications

4)  Clothing orders, etc

5) Learn to Ski Days

6) New Business/Discussion from the general membership. 

21 04, 2020

Webster Water Ski Collective obtains 501c3 Status

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We are pleased to announce we have received our 501C3 designation from the IRS today.

This designation will assist us in our mission to provide classes/clinics that will promote safe boating and water sports on Webster Lake and the surrounding area.

Once COVID-19 goes away, we will begin to provide clinics for our members, local organizations, and to the general public that promote the sport of water skiing in a safe and fun environment.

We a looking forward to a great season! Hope you can join us!