2020 Webster Water Ski Collective Officers:

   Ryan DesRoches – 508-944-9793 / WaterSkier19@yahoo.com

Vice President: Nick Cioffi

Secretary: Heather Jackman


Treasurer: Linda Candela

Wonder Woman

Director: Carrie Wolfe

Certified Drivers:

William Michalson
Ryan DesRoches
Kevin Kuzdzal
Linda Candela

Licensed Instructors:

Ryan DesRoches
Joseph Zmetra
Linda Candela

Safety Coordinators:

Ryan DesRoches
Linda Candela
Jim Kokernak
Kelly Kokernak
Ron Kokernak
Kevin Kuzdzal
Reanna Kuzdzal
Leonardo Topa


Classes/Clinics will be held throughout this season to train new drivers, instructors and safety officials.